My not very Christmasy Christmas card

I tried quilling a Christmas card this year with the new quilling tool Cec got for us. The quilling tool is cool. Card turned out ok too, but really shows that often, less is better than more :).


Any resemblance to someone’s boss (who happens to be named Doug and does in fact have 3 deranged eyes) is purely coincidence. Just because he’s being strangled does not mean the maker intends to use this as a voodoo doll. The holder’s hands have been masked to prevent identification.


It should be safe to unveil crocheted Miga, a puppet whose likeness to the Olympic mascot would have VANOC down our throats before you can say “Go Canada Go!”

Puppy Love

His tail is wagging so hard it’s fraying. Lucky his beautifully detailed collar keeps him in check.

the hand puppets

Here’s the hand puppets that I made for my friend’s kids! They really seemed to enjoy them.

cow puppet

cow and pig hand puppets

Frog and Penguin

moo moo

Hey, I tried to make a cow similar to Angela’s (without a pattern) :-).  I think it turned out ok.little cow

Quilled b’day card for my mom

Quilled butterfly

Inside of card

I tried quilling a b’day card for my mom last month too. I can’t believe how long it took, and I ended up cutting up the elements and putting it back together again because I didn’t like the layout, but I was pretty happy with the final result. Mom liked it too. Still can’t get over how long it took me though.

Congratulations Card




I finished the congratulation’s card using Cec’s template :-).  Used it yesterday at a friend’s baby one-month. Perfect timing.

Dressed up bear

Originally didn’t really like how this bear turned out (fuzzy yarn made it look kinda worn, also looked kinda naked), but thanks to Dee’s idea of a dress, I’m much happier with it now :-)IMG_1391All dressed upthe dress

Old bear

Bear and momBearHey, my version of Cec’s puppet. Thanks Cec for help understanding the pattern. My mom saw the puppet and seems to have confiscated it.  At least she’s enjoying it.


Thanks to Cec for helping me with the hand puppet. It was a lot of fun to make. I’m going to have to make the piggy and bear for friend’s kids now :).

FroggiesHand puppet


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