Cloth napkins

I visited a friend a while back and noticed she had handmade cotton napkins for us to use. She said she made them and notices she uses way less paper towels. I liked that feel good factor of NOT wasting and decided to use up some extra fabric that I had lying around. Again, I put my Serger to good use. I hope to roll over the edge once and straight stitch it to the backside for a cleaner edge.

The fabric was cut 14.5 inches square. This yields exactly three cloth napkins from selvage to selvage :-)

I leave a stack of them neatly folded on my kitchen sink window sill for easy access. We use them instead of tea towels too. These wash easier and dry faster too.

Recycled Jean Chair Covering

My M-I-L gave me her Serger. It rocks!! It made making this chair covering out of old jeans, really FAST and easy!! And to think, I almost gave away all my old jeans to the Sally Ann… I’m so glad I used them for this project. I will show you how easy it was to make cushion covers for my rocking chair.


New Fabric

I finished all my hand quilting and went to my local Quilt Fabric Shop to peruse potential binding fabric. I went in looking for some black with white polka dots that I fell in love with at Fabricana, but instead found these citrus/lime greens! Even though there isn’t any green in my quilt, the graphic quality of these prints worked well. I will add some green hand stitching into my quilt to tie it all together.

Fabrics from Creative Edge Quilting and Sewing: Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller ‘Apple Dot’ in Green, ‘Meadowsweet Paper Snowflake’ in Celery.

Funny story, I couldn’t decide which fabric to buy for my binding, so I bought half a metre of both. I rolled my eyes as I said I’d take both. I said, “this is how it goes, I just keep stocking up when really I shouldn’t! I have a huge bag of fabrics at home…” The lady who was helping me replied, “you have a whole bag of fabric? I have a whole closet full of fabric!” I was relieved to meet someone else with a fabric addiction ;P

Butterfly Mobile

Was inspired by a butterfly mobile I saw at my friend’s house and thought I’d try making my own. It’s simple paper, custom cut using the Silhouette machine. I hand made the wire contraption and hung using invisible thread. Under each butterfly there is a clear bead which allows each butterfly to be moved up or down on the invisible thread.

Amigurumi Bunny in Pink Dress

Our friend, Michelle, made adorable bears wearing overalls. I was totally inspired, so whipped out my trusty 4mm crochet hook and voila. Her dress is removable, has purple pockets that really work and has a little cotton tail. Thanks for looking!

Decatur Knot Hand Quilting

This quilt is going to be greatly cherished when it’s done. It’s taking soooo long, but I am nearing the finish line. I researched some hand tied knots and found a great tutorial on the Decatur Knot. Here is what it looks like on my quilt so far.

I used three kinds of pearl cotton for the decatur knot. It’s looking really good. It kinda has an old fashioned feel with the little “X” knots.

Final step is to do the binding :-D

Mini Felt Toast Keychain

I was doing so much serious hand quilting that I needed to switch to making something fun. It only took about an hour and a half — so fun and cute.

Made using this FREE tutorial :-) Thanks so much for sharing!!!

More Hand Quilting

My friend just told me about stitch count. I never knew about it, so of course, I had to try it out myself. Here is my quilt that I’ve been working on. Hand quilting takes forever, but it’s very satisfying. I also like the control I have while doing it.

I can get a much finer stitch count now that I’m aware of this. Around 6-7 stitches per inch, and I’m using pearl cotton (actually it’s craft thread– shame on me, I know). I am also stitching a lot closer to the edge, which I think looks nicer too.

Cable Toque — Asymmetrical Cable Hat

My first cable knit toque (still in progress). Knitting on circular needles takes some getting used to. I had to frog this once bcs the recommended needle size was WAAAYYYY too big. These are working out much better. Finally done and I love it. From the ONE SKEIN book, by Leigh Radford (p. 30). Pattern is adjustable to fit toddler, child, woman or man. I made the 17″ size for woman.

Yarn: Rowan Yarns Classic Yarns, Cashsoft Chunky (57% wool, 10% cashmere, 33% acrylic microfibre) / Colour: olive green.
Knitting Needles: 6mm or US 10

Washcloth Crocheted

Found this nubbly washcloth pattern on Ravelry and had to try it out.

Hand Quilting in Progress

I’ve always admired people who HAND quilted their quilts. I’ve only recently found a great tutorial online here and thought I’d try it out. I was skeptical about pulling that knot through to the inside of the quilt sandwich, but it worked! I am also loving the look of the hand quilting. I am using coloured craft thread, but next quilt I’ll spend the money and buy pearl cotton.


More bags

Yes, yes, I have a bag fever! New shipment of fabrics. Had to make bags,

Three kinds of fabrics here. One full length strip of each fabric yielded ten bags :-)

Blue Sock Monkey

I’ve always wanted to make a sock monkey. Even when I sock shop, I think to myself, “will these socks make a good sock monkey?” So finally my favourite blue striped socks’ elastics have worn out and I made my first sock monkey. Great tutorial here. His name is Pasqual. And he says to tell everyone that this is NOT his pink teddy bear. He is a boy monkey and he’s just “looking” at the pink teddy bear. NOT hugging it or anything. Pasqual is NOT a sissy monkey with a pink teddy bear — period.

Mason Jar Pincushion

Thanks Ange, for this great idea! I like pincushions, as you can see. Especially ones that are big and hold lots of pins. I also LOVE mason jars. Luckily I had one tiny swatch of my favourite Amy Butler fabric left to make the top. The fabric is Park Fountains, in Fuschia.


Velcro Bag Crazy

I’ve seen tons of these sold on Etsy, and had to try making them myself. Quite easy. Velcro’s cheap. Gave me a chance to use up some new Amy Butler fabrics I bought.

Fabrics (top, L to R, back to front): Michael Miller Dandy Damask/Spa, Amy Butler Park Fountains/Green, Amy Butler Martini/Gold, Michael Miller Disco Dot/Ink, Amy Butler Nouveau Trees/Moss, Amy Butler Wallflower/Cherry.

Some bags are lined with water resistant rip-stop nylon (bright yellow lining), which I’m gonna try using as dry snack bags (pretzels or crackers) and see how they hold up. The white lined ones I’m gonna try using as reusable sandwich bags. Not waterproof, but I always feel guilty using plastic bags. These I can just toss into the wash and line dry.

I also made one to fit my iTouch (or iPhone). It’s got the same water resistant rip-stop nylon lining. It helps being a bit less dusty. I’m loving it because I never had anything to protect my precious iTouch, except it’s rubber case (no screen protector), so this is just what I needed for it.

Amy Butler Fabric Stash

I’m having fun shopping on Etsy for Amy Butler fabrics. Here are a few of my faves.
Bought from: Material Girl Shoppe on

Bottom, from left to right: Garden Maze (Olive), Martini (Gold), Fresh Poppies (Rose), Park Fountains (Green), Honeycomb (Linen).

The picture below shows all the fabrics I bought and hope to make a quilt with them all. Unsure what pattern I’ll use though. These fabrics are mostly Midwest Modern, I think some are Midwest Modern 2.

From left to right: Nouveau Trees (Moss), Fresh Poppies (Fuschia), Martini (Moss), Floating Buds (Ivory), Fresh Poppies (Rose), Martini (Gold), Garden Maze (Olive), Honeycomb (Linen). Love them, love them, love them!

Chicken Pincushions

Saw these at a Quilt Show and had to make some. Will be giving away to my sewing friends.

Felt Heart Wrist Pincushion — Free Tutorial

I’ve seen some cute wrist pincushions lately and wanted to try my own. Pardon the bad photography, but hey… it’s a free tutorial :-)


More Sweater Cupcakes!

This is addictive! Luckily I had a good stash of felted sweaters around. I couldn’t stop making them!! Check out the cinnamon bun one!!

Sweater Cupcake

Betz White, you’re a genius! A few years ago, I saw her book “Warm Fuzzies” and bought it. I loved so many projects that I rushed out to my local Sally Ann stores and scoured them for 100% wool (preferrably lambswool) sweaters. I found tons. Tons that people discarded due to having ruined them by felting them in their laundry. Well, THANK YOU for ruining your sweaters, people, because I had a great start to some gorgeously felted sweaters.

My friend also gave me some of her tweed and mohair sweaters that I recently felted. They make really great colour combinations and delicate fuzzy textures on these cupcakes.

Cheshire 2 — In Progress

I got commissioned to make another Alice in Wonderland Cat with Cheshire Lapcat. So here he is. He turned out AWESOME!! Especially his teeth. Wanna see more? Check him out here at my Gigglestuff Blog.

More Saartje’s Bootees

I love this pattern for little knit sock shoes. Anyways, I wanted to try it using my super thin sock yarn.

Yarn: Indigo Moon (colour: Rhapsody), Malabrigo Sock Yarn
Needles: 2.5mm / US 12
Hook: crochet hook for button holes: 2.5mm

The bigger shoe is for an eleven month old, made using sport weight yarn. Here’s are the specs for that one:
Yarn: Koigu Kersti Crepe Merino (colour: raspberry and greys)
Needles: 3.5mm / US 10
Hook: 3.5mm for button holes

Both using exact same pattern: larger size of Saartje’s Bootees pattern (free ravelry download).

Saartje’s Bootees

Yaaayyyy! My first knit project reading and following a pattern! This (one) slipper took me 3 hrs to make. Not too bad, considering I had to look up quite a few stitches on YouTube.

Yarn: Koigu Kersti Crepe Merino & Blue Sky baby alpaca / Needles: 3.5mm

Rag Rug Tutorial

I’ve seen one of these at my friend’s house and always wanted one. I also recently saw a picture of one on Craft Passion’s blog and then REEEEAAALLLLLYYYY needed to learn to make one. So here it is. It definitely looks better in person. But I’m happy with it and I’m going to try to show how I made it. This project is a great way to use up ALOT of scrap fabric!


Koigu Yarn

I’m a huge fan of this yarn: Koigu Kersti Crepe Merino. It is 100% wool, but is so soft and NOT itchy! I’ve made mittens out of these, but decided to frog them in favor of learning to knit a little sweater. So after frogging the mittens, the yarn is super kinky and compressed. I wondered what would happen if I wet it and let it air dry… I was amazed! It poofed out and ironed itself out. I’m now going to spread the ball out in hanks and wet it and let it hang to air dry before I knit my first sweater.

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