Amigurumi Bunnies

Here is Jake Bunny and Sabrina Bunny! They are not complete yet, but will be. My niece’s 5th Bday party is this Sunday and she will get to keep Sabrina. Amigurumi is a Japanese craft using crochet or knit to make characters (and toys).

boybunny.jpg girlbunny.jpg sabrina_bunny1.jpg sabrina_bunny_eye.jpg sabrina_final_front.jpg dress_detail.jpg

Ok, just finished assembling Sabrina Bunny. She is complete except for her white cotton tail. She is wearing a fine bead necklace and some bead work at the bottom of her embroidered heart. Total hours: 14 hrs — whew!

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cecelia
    Mar 20, 2007 @ 22:31:34

    sooooooooooo cute!!! love the way the ears indent. how did you do that???


  2. Amritha
    Mar 21, 2007 @ 18:04:44

    These are SOOOOOO beautiful! Sabrina Bunny has the most amazing eyes & ears…all the boy bunnies better watch out!


  3. Mar
    Mar 21, 2007 @ 18:23:33

    Happy accident. The ears are pretty much floppy, I tried to sew them on so they stand up, and they do, but the left ear is kinda wonky, so I bent it. It can be put straight up too 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


  4. Mar
    Mar 21, 2007 @ 19:03:22

    Awwww, the boy bunnies ARE going to be impressed by Sabrina! Thanks for the comments!!!


  5. Cecelia
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 15:10:39

    aaaaaaaww, i wanna learn now! that is so adorable! i love the little heart – sooo girly!


  6. Angela
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 16:18:39

    Oh my gawed. You are a Happy Hooker! You picked that up so fast! This bunny is SO cute! I love it Marlene!


  7. Amritha
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 19:39:58

    The New Ms. Amigurumi herself!

    14 hours sounds pretty dang fast. Although it’s a little depressing considering we started the crocheting classes at the same time and I’m still learning to crochet little flowers!!! I’m so amazed at your talent & the beauty of Ms. Bling Bunny herself!


  8. Marlene
    Mar 22, 2007 @ 23:22:02

    Thank you all for your kind comments.


  9. Kim
    Mar 24, 2007 @ 15:18:53

    I love them! Sooooooo, cute! I like the way you made the heart and the little ruffles on the bottom of her pink dress. How long does it take to make one of these?


  10. Angela
    Apr 22, 2007 @ 01:14:46

    Hi Marlene! Have you made any more crochet bunnies and friends?


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