Felt Heart Wrist Pincushion — Free Tutorial

I’ve seen some cute wrist pincushions lately and wanted to try my own. Pardon the bad photography, but hey… it’s a free tutorial 🙂

1. Cut two exact heart shapes from some pink felt. Soft felt sheets are best. Don’t use the stiff felt sheets. Also cut out (slightly smaller to fit sandwiched inside felt hearts) heart shape from a flat discarded yogurt container lid.

2. Cut a strip of felt to go around your wrist. I used a strip of felted wool sweater (aprox 1.5-inches x 7-inches). Sorry, no picture for this step.

3. Use yarn and a pointed, thick yarn needle and blanket stitch around heart. Be sure to have the plastic heart inside. Leave a half-inch opening and stuff heart with polyfill. Be sure to only stuff one side of the heart, leaving the hard plastic on the inside bottom of the heart. The plastic heart will prevent your pins from poking your wrist. When heart is stuffed with polyfill, finish your blanket stitching around heart.

4. Sew heart to your wrist strap.

5. Sew big button on the bottom side of your strap. And cut buttonhole. Make sure you cut a small buttonhole first. Felted sweater stretches and will surprisingly fit a giant button through it. You can reinforce your buttonhole with a blanket stitch and straight hand stitching. I did a messy job with mine, but it works ;p

Happy sewing and pincushioning!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ange of all trades
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 15:04:24

    too cute! I want one too MAr!!


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