Recycled Jean Chair Covering

My M-I-L gave me her Serger. It rocks!! It made making this chair covering out of old jeans, really FAST and easy!! And to think, I almost gave away all my old jeans to the Sally Ann… I’m so glad I used them for this project. I will show you how easy it was to make cushion covers for my rocking chair.

1. Lay out your old, clean jeans.

2. Use fabric scissors and cut them off at the crotch (haha, yes, you will have very short shorts after this project is done).

3. Cut open the legs at the sides.

4. Using a straight edge and rotary cutter (or just use the fabric scissors), trim the edges straight. Do this with the other pair of jeans if you are covering something rather large.

5. Put right sides together of two different jean legs and sew straight line.

When you open up what you just sewed, this is what you get.

6. Lay your cushion on top of the right side of the flat piece of jean fabric you just sewed.

Trim around the entire edge of the cushion leaving an extra 1.25 inches. Since I am using a Serger for my sewing, my trimming doesn’t have to be super smooth.

7. Cut out another piece of jean fabric and put right sides together. Sew around three of the sides being sure to leave one edge open.

8. Flip so the right sides are facing out and insert your cushion. Voila! New cushion cover!!! Do the same for the back cushion and be sure to sew in the ties. You can make your own ties or use existing ribbon.

And you’ll have two new pairs of cute shorts for the summer!… Yeah, right!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Angie
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 06:55:09

    Cool! Now it will be so durable!


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