Quilling Glue

I often get asked what type of glue I use for quilling. I bought a big bottle of acid free white (dries clear) wood & paper craft glue 10 years ago. It lasted so long I didn’t realize it became an aged bottle of wine. It had slowly thickened, so when I dabbed just a bit and pressed two quilling strips together, it was quickly bonded.

The inevitable happened and I needed to buy more. I bought the typical kids’ school glue and was mortified by the liquid ease it came pouring out. No wonder others had complained about quilling taking so long to set!

That new bottle quickly got shuttled off to the nephews and I hunted for a similar wood & paper craft glue I had lucked upon the first time. I found it at Opus (Canada) or you can also get it at DickBlick (US). It’s not as thick as my aged vintage decade old glue, but it’s certainly closer than anything else I’ve found.

What’s your favorite quilling glue?


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