3D Cake Collection


I’m quite excited to offer these 3D paper cakes, easily customizable for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary in my Etsy store.


Here’s an example of a single layer chocolate cake with white circles icing (I used white vinyl). I’ve seen many examples of polka dotted icing on cakes, and thought it would great to have a matching background.


Add a second layer of cake on top and some swooshes to make a classic celebratory statement. I designed a subtle backdrop pattern made of diamonds and left a blank plaque above for whatever occasion you need.



My favorite has to be the 3-tier cake. Somehow the more tiers it has, the more fun it is. I decorated it with ribbon and matched the background using a scalloped edge. The chocolate shavings on top were made of quilling paper, but you can just as easily use any brown paper with 1/8″ width.


What cake would be complete without a cake box? I used some scrap plastic left over from some packaging and glued it with Scotch Quick Dry glue. I also added some easy-open tabs so you won’t have to struggle prying open a well-fitted box. All the cards are 5×7 inches.

Michelle of MichelleMyBelle Creations made an awesome purple cake with flowers, sequins, and textured backgrounds. I like how she added a bow to the stand which makes it more dimensional.

Please let me know what you think in the comments section!


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