3D Cake – Daisy Birthday Card


Ever get those birthday cakes topped with plastic signage? I kind of wanted to replicate that for this birthday girl’s card. I stacked the words 4 times out of card stock to make my own chipboard, just like I did for the LOVE sculpture. This time I made the top layer out of a lighter green so when it’s viewed from the side, it gives another dimension – just a little something different. I stuck foam squares near the top so they stick up, then glued the bottom part behind the daisies.


Her fave color is yellow and since my original cake was too short to let me go nuts on the decorating,  I made it twice as tall. I always place my elements on my card to assess the spacing before gluing permanently. Although I thought everything was well placed, it ended up being lower than I intended when I stood back. So I added the fireworks I used on my Mickey Mouse project to fill the top. I feel like I overdid that too, but ah well, I’ll live.

PS, here’s a teaser image for my next post, where I’ll explain how I made the stamens in the middle – yes, it’s paper!


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