ice cold Bruce-ki

Bruce Lee is turning ONE and I’ve brewed a special batch of Bruce-kies for his birthday party this Saturday.

BIG BIG BIG THANKS to Cec for helping me make these special labels with her digital die cutter.

Bruce keeps telling me they look sooo cool and it’s going to be THE talk of the party!


Dream Poppies Summer Handbag

I’ve been inspired again! I’m coming out of crafting retirement!

As much as I love designer handbags, I also enjoy a fun and funky summer bag.

Here is a cotton twill tote that I whipped up this weekend. I looked at a few images and then designed my own pattern from there. It is completely lined with pockets for my blackberry and other junk.

It took less than a day to complete. Maybe 4 hours?

The fabric is called “Forest Dream Poppies” from Amy Butler’s August Fields collection. I bought half a meter of the Amy Butler fabric but definitely didn’t need that much. I have left overs and can make another smaller tote.

Puffy toque

I have just learned to do two new things: the puffy crochet stitch; and a toque.

I love this stitch! I think it’s fun, its got dimension and spunk!

I have never made hats before and this is my first attempt at winging a toque with the puffy stitch I just picked up. I practiced with what seems like my lifetime supply of green. Now that I’ve got the hang of it, I think I may make another one in a nicer colour. But this is wearable too:)

Little ‘O’liva

I had so much fun making the monogramed M for Maddie that I wanted to make a little “o” for the little sister with big smiles, Olivia!

This is a much smaller frame but I’m sure little Ollie won’t mind!

‘M’ is for Madeline

This is a framed monogram ‘M’ quilled for a 12×12 opening. This was made especially for my niece’s new room.

dog bed

Bruce Lee’s new stylin’ dog bed.

I personalized his bed by stenciling his name with permanent fabric paint.

Now there’s no mistaking who’s cushy bed this is!

dog jacket

Here is my first attempt at making dog jackets. It’s made of some tough water resistant nylon lined with polar fleece.

Hopefully this will help Bruce Lee stay a little drier on those wet rainy days!

The stores sell them for about $30 and up. I made this for roughly $10. At that price I can still afford to make more jackets when he outgrows this one!

DSC_8851 DSC_8852

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