Cloth napkins

I visited a friend a while back and noticed she had handmade cotton napkins for us to use. She said she made them and notices she uses way less paper towels. I liked that feel good factor of NOT wasting and decided to use up some extra fabric that I had lying around. Again, I put my Serger to good use. I hope to roll over the edge once and straight stitch it to the backside for a cleaner edge.

The fabric was cut 14.5 inches square. This yields exactly three cloth napkins from selvage to selvage ๐Ÿ™‚

I leave a stack of them neatly folded on my kitchen sink window sill for easy access. We use them instead of tea towels too. These wash easier and dry faster too.


Recycled Jean Chair Covering

My M-I-L gave me her Serger. It rocks!! It made making this chair covering out of old jeans, really FAST and easy!! And to think, I almost gave away all my old jeans to the Sally Ann… I’m so glad I used them for this project. I will show you how easy it was to make cushion covers for my rocking chair.


New Fabric

I finished all my hand quilting and went to my local Quilt Fabric Shop to peruse potential binding fabric. I went in looking for some black with white polka dots that I fell in love with at Fabricana, but instead found these citrus/lime greens! Even though there isn’t any green in my quilt, the graphic quality of these prints worked well. I will add some green hand stitching into my quilt to tie it all together.

Fabrics from Creative Edge Quilting and Sewing: Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller ‘Apple Dot’ in Green, ‘Meadowsweet Paper Snowflake’ in Celery.

Funny story, I couldn’t decide which fabric to buy for my binding, so I bought half a metre of both. I rolled my eyes as I said I’d take both. I said, “this is how it goes, I just keep stocking up when really I shouldn’t! I have a huge bag of fabrics at home…” The lady who was helping me replied, “you have a whole bag of fabric? I have a whole closet full of fabric!” I was relieved to meet someone else with a fabric addiction ;P

Butterfly Mobile

Was inspired by a butterfly mobile I saw at my friend’s house and thought I’d try making my own. It’s simple paper, custom cut using the Silhouette machine. I hand made the wire contraption and hung using invisible thread. Under each butterfly there is a clear bead which allows each butterfly to be moved up or down on the invisible thread.

Amigurumi Bunny in Pink Dress

Our friend, Michelle, made adorable bears wearing overalls. I was totally inspired, so whipped out my trusty 4mm crochet hook and voila. Her dress is removable, has purple pockets that really work and has a little cotton tail. Thanks for looking!

Decatur Knot Hand Quilting

This quilt is going to be greatly cherished when it’s done. It’s taking soooo long, but I am nearing the finish line. I researched some hand tied knots and found a great tutorial on the Decatur Knot. Here is what it looks like on my quilt so far.

I used three kinds of pearl cotton for the decatur knot. It’s looking really good. It kinda has an old fashioned feel with the little “X” knots.

Final step is to do the binding ๐Ÿ˜€

Mini Felt Toast Keychain

I was doing so much serious hand quilting that I needed to switch to making something fun. It only took about an hour and a half — so fun and cute.

Made using this FREE tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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