3D Cake by Michelle and Kelly



I simply love seeing my designs come to life in another person’s hands. It’s wonderful to see the same cut file used in different colors and texture than I imagined.

The first card is made by Michelle of Michelle My Belle Creations. It seems so obvious now that the flowers she used was such an ideal choice. I also like the bling she added using sequins in the upper parts of the swoosh.

The second card is by Krafting Kelly of Finding Time to Create. Ah, these are the times I wish I had a ready supply of scrapbook paper in my shelf. I love how she placed the initial right on top of the cake – like one of those special candles. Again – why didn’t I think of that?

Thank you for playing with my files, Michelle and Kelly!


3D Paper Ball with Hearts and Arrows

Beware of Cupid’s shooting arrows! It was a great discovery my first time to use an ink pad on the edges of my paper ball decorations to add dimension. I realized dragging the ink pad across the arrow would make it appear as if Cupid had just let it fly, especially when it caught on the edges.

Version 1 is easy to put together since it’s a single sheet of paper. Simply use beading wire, fishing line, or string to thread from the bottom hole, then thread each arc at the top. A rolled paper straw in the middle keeps the ball fully inflated. A scalloped circle finishes the top and bottom and the beads are optional. Version 2 allows you to combine two different papers, of course.

Part 4 of upcoming Valentine collection on my Etsy store.

Yin Yang Valentine Card

I originally designed this card as a wedding invitation for dear friends. I wanted to give a subtle nod to their Asian background.

The interlocking Yin Yang design with Japanese flower motif opens up to reveal two interlocking hearts and a message for your Valentine. Overlapping two different colors of paper allows you to customize this card for weddings or anniversaries as well.

Part 3 of my Valentine collection, soon to be released on my Etsy store.

3D Paper Star for Xmas Tree Topper (FREE SVG, DXF, PDF)

I didn’t have a tree topper and was inspired after seeing how easy it was to make a 3D paper star on Kim’s blog, Craftaphile. I added a stem and it seemed like I planned how well it fit on that topmost tree tip. The actual size is about 7.5″ wide x 9.5″ high.

I’m offering my die cut files free. I’d love to hear your comments like how it cut for you on your machine. The file formats are in SVG, DXF, and PDF (cutting by hand is also easy). They are all compressed into a ZIP file for you to download.

You’ll notice there’s a “front” and “back”, but really it’s just one has tabs and the other doesn’t. I pre-fold along all the lines (Craftaphile shows great photos) then use white glue and work with 2 tabs at a time, holding until the glue sets. After it’s assembled, the creases remember where they need to move and it just poofs out into 3D! Try it!

No Peeking! Boxes

My nephews are old enough now to want gift cards, but young enough to still be curious about what’s under the tree, so I designed a pillow box glued shut with a tear strip so they can “Let ‘er rip!” on Xmas day. The handles separate so you can still add it last minute to wrapped box or easily hang it off the xmas tree branch.

I also designed my version of the perfect paper bow – never crushed, always centered, with just the right amount of tilt to the double loops, and no glue needed (my ode to origami masters) – and of course it’s all one piece of paper. The box is also glued shut using the “ribbon” which is perforated for easy tearing. Stardream, Mars Red Metallic, 81# Text was used for this bow.
I’m selling these die cut patterns on my Etsy store along with two bonus gift tags that go with them. I’ve also had the great pleasure to meet a diverse group of skilled cutting crafters on http://forum.make-the-cut.com who have happily helped me test out my files on cutters other than my dear Silhouette. I’ll be following up with a post of their comments and what papers they’ve used.

FREE Soccer Jersey Placecard

Since blogging about the soccer themed place cards made for my nephew’s baptism, I’ve been asked about them numerous times. I used an electronic die cutter (Silhouette) to cut them out, but there’s no reason why it can’t be done by hand.

I’ve made a PDF with fillable name and number to print out. You can cut them by hand or use the SVG and DXF files on your electronic cutter. All 3 files can be downloaded here.

Please credit my blog and I’d love it if you could comment with a link to your blog or a photo of how your finished project  looks. Your enthusiasm keeps me inspired!