Art on the Farm
A community art event in the Columbia Valley

Got Craft?
because MALL is a four letter word.

Arts Off Main
artist-run gallery of framing, fine art, cards, and gifts – 216 Est 28th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Craft Mafia
independent business owners who share a love for craft, fashion, style, art and have an entrepreneurial spirit

BCs Creative Expo
A consumer education trade event showcasing: Scrapbooking, Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Needlework, Fiber Arts, Beading and Crafting. Exhibits, Hands on Classes, Educational Seminars, Free Stage Shows, Contests and Door Prizes

Circle Craft

Circle Craft is a co-operative made up of BC craftspeople, dedicated to the promotion of fine quality craft, following a heritage of guilds and associations hundreds of years old. Circle Craft is non-profit and self-sustaining, supported by memberships, commissions on sales and participation fees – Circle Craft receives a 40% commission on member work sold in the shop and our monthly gallery exhibitions.

Magpie and Cake
Canadian blog about crafting, music, and other wonders.

BC Craft Fairs
a collection of fairs by Tamsin

Craigslist Events

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