Printable Quilled Invite


Please follow my new blog, Paper Zen, to see my latest quilling and die cutting paths.

Printable quilled thank you card and envelope

Quilled thank you card, printable PDF

Dear Crafting Creatures readers, I want to say thank you!

I started this blog years ago with my friends to inspire each other with our projects. I’ve been the only one adding to it for some time, and the name Crafting Creatures doesn’t suit my new direction. I will continue blogging in my spare time, but now it means more to me than a hobby. I’m taking my paper on new paths and I really hope you’ll follow me there, as I will not be updating this blog anymore.

My new blog is Paper Zen, which describes both how tranquil I feel when working with paper, and the enlightenment I hope my work gives others.

I’m indebted to you, kind reader, for giving me wonderfully encouraging words to keep going. To return your enthusiasm, I’d like to give you my quilled Thank You card and matching envelope. It’ll be for sale in my Etsy shop afterwards, so grab it now by visiting Paper Zen!

Quilled thank you card, printable PDF

Quilling birthday cards 3

quilling, birthday card

Quilled birthday card for a guy this time.

Quilling birthday cards 2

quilling, birthday card

Another quick and simple quilled birthday card.

Quilling birthday cards


I have a few birthdays coming up. Felt like doing something spring and vibrant.

Quilling Letters / Name by Karen Harr


I’m thrilled to introduce a new quiller, Karen Harr. Can you believe she JUST started quilling after buying my Flowers and Butterflies patterns? I asked if she’d mind me posting her photos here and share her experience.


I think many readers would be inspired to know what you’ve done because they think it’s too hard. Would you like to describe what the process was like?

First and foremost you were my inspiration for my project.  I knew I wanted to do something special for my granddaughters and when I saw your beautiful quilled name “Jade”, I knew I wanted to try doing something special like that for them.  You were the biggest help to me.  I had so many questions and you were so kind and helpful, sending me links, answering all my questions, and going above and beyond for me, someone you didn’t know.  Thank you so very much.

KH_allison_1  KH_carys_1

Any advice you might give to other beginners?

Quilling is very relaxing and rewarding to me!  I had so much fun doing these.  Since I am a beginner, I don’t really have much advice.  I am in awe of all the beautiful work that is out there in the world.   There are so many wonderful people out there who are willing to help, give advice, etc. 

What helped you get started?

Actually my wedding invitation was quilled as a gift 36 years ago.  I didn’t know anything about quilling back then.  But I did know how beautiful and special it was.  I was looking at it a few months ago thinking how beautiful and unique it really is.  Here I am, just learning to quill and thinking, why didn’t I start this years ago.  Better late than never.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the fact that my adorable granddaughters love them.  It is something special that I could do just for them.

What are you going to make next?

Here is a pic of my next project.  I am just starting it as you can see and have been playing around with colors and shapes.  As you can tell nothing has been glued yet, lol.  I thought I would do just the first letter of my grandsons name for something different.  Hopefully it will turn out like the idea I have in my head.


Thank you, Karen, for letting me showcase your work on my blog and offering your thoughts. You have given me just as much inspiration by letting me know how my work has meaning – definitely a win-win! I hope you will start a blog of your own and continue to show us your masterpieces.

Readers, I hope you’re inspired by Karen to give quilling a try. Please let her know your thoughts by commenting.

Owl Die Cut for ATC Swap


Paper Poet, New Westminster is holding a Meet Up to swap Artist Trading Cards this Friday. This is the first ATC I’ve ever made. Of course I’d use a combo of die cutting and quilling, and somehow express who I am. What I like the most is how the owl puffs up simply with a folded half moon on the top of his head. Please leave a comment – I really enjoy your feedback.



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