Tricked your Treat

Who won the “What’s inside the coffin contest?” No body. The answer is fish skeleton! Make no bones about it – I even put the answer in my listing! Please, no booing! Thank you all for playing! I had a screech 🙂 Check out the entire listing on my Etsy store.

One more if you dare? Why couldn’t Dracula’s wife get to sleep? Because of his coffin.


Crouching Spider, Hidden Candy

OK so it wasn’t hard to guess what was coming, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the unveiling of my die cut Halloween coffin boxes.


This one has a spider web made of black vinyl hidden on the inside of the coffin’s lid. A small length of fishing wire is attached to the spider so kids will get an extra hidden surprise as they reach for the goodies inside. I have always loved shiny black on matte, a subtle and entrancing effect.


Here are some of my prototypes. Can anyone guess what’s inside? I’ll give you a hint – it’s white and emaciated. Please be very specific – only fully correct guesses will qualify.

I will email a free SVG or DXF spider file to anyone who guesses correctly by next Monday, Oct 10, 2011.


Pale knuckles grip the coffin’s edge…
my latest trailer for an upcoming die cut bundle for my Etsy store.

Die Cut Spider and Web

Scary movies know thrills are intensified by allowing your imagination go wild before they reveal the ending. Here’s my teaser – stay tuned for more. Happy 1st of October!

Party Animals

I have wanted to make these party favors since laying hands on my Silhouette die cutter, as I’ve always been into boxes. After quite the learning curve, I’ve finally posted my patterns on Etsy. I’ve made 5 different animals, perfect for a baby shower or a jungle themed birthday. Thanks for looking!

Transformer Birthday Card (Vinyl)

My most complicated die cut vinyl card to date – 5 colors and tiny details that added up to a card I hope my 11 yr old neffy-poo will remember. I got the vector file at Vector Junky but some of the details were so fine I had to open up the areas, as it kept getting caught in my blade.

Silhouette vs Cricut Adhesive Mats

The debate over which model of digital die cutters has been going on for years. I hadn’t realized Cricut was not limited to cartridges, and was able to cut anything I designed using third party software called Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL). So of course I had concerns about my Silhouette (aka CraftRobo), which is not as wide and can’t cut as thick. My doubts were finally assuaged after seeing this wonderful post by Kwerner Design, showing the differences in cutting. So although Silhouette wins hands down on cutting finesse, I’d have to say Cricut’s mats trump Silhouette’s.

The Silhouette mat (8.9″ x 13.5″) is thin, so if I cut too deeply, I could go through it if I used the deep blade depth on thin paper = ruining my $25 blade. The adhesive is evenly coated, so my paper and card stock curls until enough lint has been worked into the surface. It helps if I put my paper face down on the table and peel the mat away.

Then I learned Cricut sold mats double in length (12″x24″) and cost half the price at Joann‘s – I just trim it down to fit. Not only is it thicker by far, you’ll notice a mottled texture in my close up shot – I think it helps with the release of my paper. I’ve seen videos showing blotting the mat with a clean white t-shirt until that perfect stickiness is achieved. I love having the best of both worlds.

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