Bride Dress and Groom Tuxedo Party Favor Boxes

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DIY Flocking


I’ve been seeing flocking all over the stores (and some ingeniously decorated nails). It’s kind of like colored, fluffy, cotton candy, but in teeny pieces. I didn’t want to buy more things, so my first thought was can I make my own? Yes I can!

I borrowed the microfine shredder from the kitchen, wadded up some paper scraps from Daiso, and shredded away. In case I didn’t cover everything, I used the same color yellow as a backing, covered it in glue and dipped into my paper flocking (tweezers are helpful!). Then I glued it to my daisy flower, which then decorated my 3D cakes.



3D Cake Card

Here’s an idea I’ve been toying with – a paper 3D cake. I love the feel ribbon instantly gives to cakes. The chocolate shavings screamed to be made out of quilling strips. The platter/stand is cut from metallic green card stock. I even made a cake box to protect it, since it’ll get crushed in an envelope.

Each tier is made separately in case they need to be varying paper stocks representing different flavors. This 3-tier cake is obviously for a wedding, but take away the top 2 and there’ll be more room for a message for birthdays or anniversaries.

3D Paper Ball with Hearts and Arrows

Beware of Cupid’s shooting arrows! It was a great discovery my first time to use an ink pad on the edges of my paper ball decorations to add dimension. I realized dragging the ink pad across the arrow would make it appear as if Cupid had just let it fly, especially when it caught on the edges.

Version 1 is easy to put together since it’s a single sheet of paper. Simply use beading wire, fishing line, or string to thread from the bottom hole, then thread each arc at the top. A rolled paper straw in the middle keeps the ball fully inflated. A scalloped circle finishes the top and bottom and the beads are optional. Version 2 allows you to combine two different papers, of course.

Part 4 of upcoming Valentine collection on my Etsy store.

Valentine Hearts Gift Box

Classic cube with overlapping scallop-edged hearts. Simple and quick to make, this box can also be used for weddings or anniversaries. Who says Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year?

Part 2 of upcoming Valentine’s Day collection, soon to be offered in my store.

Paint a White Christmas

Need snow? Paint yourself a winter wonderland. Daiso sells pearlescent white paint for $2 in a small tube. Use a fine brush, load it up, and let the paint scrape against the edges of your craft project (in this case a party favor box).

Try to make it look like natural snow drift by painting from one direction (so don’t coat every edge).

This triangular party favor box is sold on Etsy, along with other dinner party paper decor. Half-moon shaped flaps are on both ends to allow easy access to your stocking stuffer. Perfectly size for biscotti treats.

Xmas Dinner Setting

I’ve admired wine charms but can’t remember what color I am halfway thru the night. So I’ve made my own and left space for names. Matching gift tags? But of course!

Enlarge by 150% and they’re suitable for mugs too.

For placecards, I’ve made pop up scenes of favorite winter wonderland moments. I’ve just listed on Etsy now – a little late for the season but better than waiting till next year!

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