Bride Dress and Groom Tuxedo Party Favor Boxes

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Damask Chair Party Favor Box


Although I’m more of a tomboy than a girly-girl, I did save every wedding party favor as a little girl, dreaming of the day I would marry my sweetheart. I don’t know why I have such a thing for boxes, but I do love how it’s hiding a small surprise. The ones I love most serve double purpose, whether to be decorative or in this case, to show a guest to their seat.


I used a heavyweight vellum which allows the damask pattern to be seen yet not obstruct the guest’s name. A square tag is glued to the front, with a couple’s special day and message.


The 1.75″ cube has a chair backing that is 4.25″ tall. Two boxes can be cut from a single sheet of 11 x 8.5″ paper. In this example I’ve used Silver Stardream cardstock. The font used here is Great Vibes.


Damask patterns have always been used in classic decor in such a broad range, and I struggled for quite some time to have the design be strong enough to hold the name tag. I also think it looks just as complete without the name tag, so it’s perfect for occasions other than weddings.

My Damask Chair Box is now available in my Etsy store for instant download. I’ve saved the files in SVG, DXF, MTC, and PDF formats. Thanks so much for your kind comments!


3D Cake by Michelle and Kelly



I simply love seeing my designs come to life in another person’s hands. It’s wonderful to see the same cut file used in different colors and texture than I imagined.

The first card is made by Michelle of Michelle My Belle Creations. It seems so obvious now that the flowers she used was such an ideal choice. I also like the bling she added using sequins in the upper parts of the swoosh.

The second card is by Krafting Kelly of Finding Time to Create. Ah, these are the times I wish I had a ready supply of scrapbook paper in my shelf. I love how she placed the initial right on top of the cake – like one of those special candles. Again – why didn’t I think of that?

Thank you for playing with my files, Michelle and Kelly!

3D Cake Collection


I’m quite excited to offer these 3D paper cakes, easily customizable for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary in my Etsy store.


Here’s an example of a single layer chocolate cake with white circles icing (I used white vinyl). I’ve seen many examples of polka dotted icing on cakes, and thought it would great to have a matching background.


Add a second layer of cake on top and some swooshes to make a classic celebratory statement. I designed a subtle backdrop pattern made of diamonds and left a blank plaque above for whatever occasion you need.



My favorite has to be the 3-tier cake. Somehow the more tiers it has, the more fun it is. I decorated it with ribbon and matched the background using a scalloped edge. The chocolate shavings on top were made of quilling paper, but you can just as easily use any brown paper with 1/8″ width.


What cake would be complete without a cake box? I used some scrap plastic left over from some packaging and glued it with Scotch Quick Dry glue. I also added some easy-open tabs so you won’t have to struggle prying open a well-fitted box. All the cards are 5×7 inches.

Michelle of MichelleMyBelle Creations made an awesome purple cake with flowers, sequins, and textured backgrounds. I like how she added a bow to the stand which makes it more dimensional.

Please let me know what you think in the comments section!

Yin Yang Valentine Card

I originally designed this card as a wedding invitation for dear friends. I wanted to give a subtle nod to their Asian background.

The interlocking Yin Yang design with Japanese flower motif opens up to reveal two interlocking hearts and a message for your Valentine. Overlapping two different colors of paper allows you to customize this card for weddings or anniversaries as well.

Part 3 of my Valentine collection, soon to be released on my Etsy store.

Valentine Hearts Gift Box

Classic cube with overlapping scallop-edged hearts. Simple and quick to make, this box can also be used for weddings or anniversaries. Who says Valentine’s Day is just one day of the year?

Part 2 of upcoming Valentine’s Day collection, soon to be offered in my store.